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The Returning (A Seer Novel)(Paperback)

The Returning (A Seer Novel)(Paperback)

Rachelle Dekker
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Rachelle Dekker
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The third and final book of Dekker’s Seers series (after The Calling) begins nearly two decades after Elise Brant was kidnapped as her parents and other Seers (those who can sense their true calling) fled Authority City. After the Seers’ departure, Dr. Roth Reynard injected Authority residents with Genesis Serum, erasing memories and creating an unnatural, robotic state of peace. Immune to the serum, Elise has long posed a threat. She survives under the protection of Authority president Jesse Cropper, who struggles with Reynard’s methods and madness. Meanwhile, the Seers, who have established a sanctuary in the mountains, have appointed a group of seven young people to return to Authority City in order to save those who have been deceived through the serum—and to search for Elise. Fearing Elise’s power, Reynard orders her death and sends security forces to round up and return the rebels to Authority City. Once the seven find Elise, it’s a battle against time and resources to bring light to the delusional darkness fostered by Reynard. Dekker pens another striking science fiction thriller including a well-developed dystopian society and strong depictions of good versus evil that can be easily read as a standalone.
  1. Category Fiction
  2. SKU 9781496402295
  3. Barcode 9781496402295
  4. Size 140 x 211 mm
  5. Long Author Rachelle Dekker
  1. Number of Pages 440 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher Tyndale House Publishers

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