• How can I find out what the status is on my order?

    You will receive an email with a link to track your order as soon as your parcel is on it's way. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service Team to find out what the Status of your order is (086 011 0321 /
  • How long do I have to wait before i receive my order?

    • Payments can take up to 72 hours to reflect in our Bank Account
    • After payment is received, the order will be processed.
    • Items that are in stock will be dispatched within 3 - 5 working days, after payment was received.
    • We will notify you should a product no longer be available
  • How do I submit a manuscript for possible publication?


    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the submission of a manuscript to Christian Art Publishers.

    • No manuscript received on a disk or USB memory stick (flash drive) will be considered for evaluation. 
    • There are no requirements regarding the format, layout or font-size, but text should be easily legible.                       
    • The manuscript will be evaluated by a knowledgeable panel to determine if it meets the company’s publication requirements.  
    • We will immediately acknowledge receipt of the manuscript and will notify you within three months whether it has been accepted for publication.
    • Please include the following information with your manuscript:
      • Your contact details, physical address and e-mail address.
      • A concise CV.
      • A short summary of the contents of your manuscript of no more than 300 words.
    • The manuscript can be sent via postal mail or email:

    Postal mail


    The Publication Manager

    Po Box 1599

    Christian Art Publishers





    • If you send your manuscript via postal mail, please note that rejected manuscripts are not returned. Should you wish to have your manuscript returned, you must include a prepaid envelope with your manuscript.  Manuscripts with no prepaid envelopes included will be destroyed 1 month after rejection
    • Due to the many unsolicited manuscripts that Christian Art Publishers continuously receives, no communication about the reasons for rejection will be entered into, and no training or guidance for prospective authors will be given
    • All manuscripts are submitted at own risk. Christian Art Publishers take all possible precautions with manuscripts, but unfortunately we cannot accept any liability for manuscripts that are lost or damaged in the mail. We therefore advise all prospective writers to always send a copy of the manuscript for evaluation and not the original manuscript

    Thank you for considering Christian Art Publishers for the possible publication of your manuscript.

  • How do I use my Discount Coupon?

    1. After the desired products has been added to your cart, click on "Continue to Payment"
    2. Enter your unique code in the "Gift Card or Discount Code" field
    3. Click on "Apply"
    4. The relevant amount/ percentage will be will be deducted from your outstanding order amount
    5. If there is still a balance left, please select the payment method you want to use to pay the outstanding amount
    6. Click on "Complete Order"
  • What is the Standard Shipping fee?

    • A standard shipping fee of R100 will be added to orders
    • Free national shipping on orders over R450
  • Can I use a P.O Box as my Shipping Address?

    • We only do door to door delivery
    • Parcels can only be delivered at a Physical Address
    • We do not delivery to P.O Boxes
  • Do you ship International?

    • Yes, we do Ship International
    • Shipping fees will be calculated at Checkout, based on the total weight of your order
  • How do I get my discount code after I've signed up?

    • A system generated mail, containing the discount code, will be forwarded to the email address provided
    •  If you did not receive your email, please contact our customer service Team on 086 011 0321, or send an email to
  • How do I change or cancel my order?

    • Once you have submitted and paid your order, your order will automatically be forwarded to the Warehouse
    •  Please contact our customer service Team on 086 011 0321 to make changes on your order
  • Can my my order be delivered to a CUM Branch?

    • Please contact our customer service team on 086 011 0321 with your request

  • Which payment options are available online?

    • Credit/ Debit Card (Paygate)
    • EFT (please select the Pay Later option)
    • Zapper
  • Gift Card - Important

    You can ONLY purchase and redeem online Gift Cards @
    The Gift Card is not redeemable for cash.
  • How do I order an online gift card?

    To order an Online Gift Card:
    1. Click on the drop down menu on the left hand side of the Home Page
    2. Click on Gift Card
    3. From the drop down list, select the Gift Card amount you would like to order
    4. Click on 'Add to Cart'
    5. You can continue Shopping or continue to Checkout
    6. Complete Shipping and Payment Information
    7. An optional gift message can be added
    8. After payment is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email
    9. The Online Gift Card code will be forwarded to you via email
    • How do I check the balance on my online Gift Card?

      To Check the Balance on my Online Gift Card:
      1. In the email containing the Gift Card Code, a link will be displayed
      2. Click on the link to view the Balance
      3. Alternatively phone our Customer Service Team (086 011 0321)
      • How do I redeem my online Gift Card?

        To Redeem your Online Gift Card:
        1.Choose the products you want to purchase and "Add to Cart"
        2. Click on "Continue Checkout"
        3. Complete Shipping Information
        4. Click on "Continue to Payment"
        5. On the right hand side, enter your Gift Card Code in the "Gift card or discount code" field (be precise and exact)
        6. Click on "Apply"
        7. The amount available on the Gift Card will be deducted from your outstanding order amount
        8. If your order is less than your Oline Gift Card balance, the balance will remain on the Gift Card until you redeem the total amount
        9. If there is still a balance left, please select the payment method you want to use to pay the outstanding amount
        10. Click on "Complete Order"
        • 3D Secure For Online Shoppers

          South African banks and e-commerce merchants are implementing 3D Secure to help protect you, the cardholder, against unauthorised use of your card when shopping online at 3D Secure merchants.

          3D Secure allows you to authenticate yourself while making an online payment, therefore minimising the risk of someone else using your card fraudulently.

        • What is 3D Secure?

          • It is also called Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Amex Safekey
          • It is an authentication service that allows only the cardholder to use the card 
          • It allows you to enter your previously selected PIN/Password or a One Time PIN therefore helping your bank to know it is you shopping online 
          • With additional focus on the safety of e-commerce transactions,
            • your bank may have already registered you for the service, or
            • you may be required to register during your next online purchase. 

        • What can you expect when doing an online 3D Secure purchase?

          If you have already registered or have been registered by your bank, you will be prompted with an additional screen requesting a One Time PIN (OTP) or a PIN/Password.  OTPs are sent to the cellphone number your bank has on record for you, whilst a PIN or Password is a secret code you have chosen when you registered for 3D Secure or was provided to you by your bank at the time of issuing your card.  Simply enter the OTP, PIN or password in the given space and proceed. 

          If it is your first time doing an e-commerce transaction, or you are a regular e-commerce user but have never registered or been registered for the 3D Secure service, you will be asked to register for 3D Secure when you make an online purchase.  Please follow the prompts on the screen to register.  Remember, it is in your best interest to be safe.

        • What does 3D Secure cost?

          There is no cost to you, the cardholder. Visa, MasterCard and the banks fund all SMS and other costs.
        • What is the benefit of 3D Secure?

          Online shopping is already very secure with high levels of security and encryption whenever you use your credit card. 3D Secure is the next layer up of security whereby your credit card is further protected from any unauthorised use. So you can shop in total confidence safe in the knowledge that your card is protected at all times.

        • How do I enroll for 3D Secure?

          ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, First National Bank and Investec have pre-enrolled all Visa and MasterCard credit card clients for 3D Secure.  All that you need to do is activate your card once. You can do so now by clicking on the link to your bank in the below section, or you will be invited to do it at a later stage when conducting an online purchase.

          Standard Bank

          First National Bank

          Log on to your FNB Online Banking profile and follow these prompts:

          • Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab
          • Select the “My Cards” sub tab
          • Click on “Activate Now” in the “Verified by Visa” column for the card that you would like to activate
          • Capture the relevant details
          • You will be sent a OTP to your mobile phone which you will then need to enter on your online banking profile
          • Once done, your card will be activated for 3D Secure online banking.


          • Please use your credit card pin when prompted to submit the one-time password (OTP)
        • Does every South African online retailer use 3D Secure?

          Visa and MasterCard as well as the major South African Banks will require all merchants to implement 3D Secure by the 28th February 2014. After this date, 3D Secure will become part of the online shopping process for all South Africans. This is a good thing as, while it may take a few seconds longer for each transaction, it will certainly strengthen the security of online shopping via credit card.
        • My bank is not listed - how do I enroll for 3D Secure?

          Please contact your bank to find out how you can enroll for 3D Secure on your credit card. Certain credit card issuers, such as American Express and Diners Club, do not subscribe to 3D Secure yet. These cardholders will not be required to enter a One-Time Pin or Password when transacting online.
        • I have activated my credit card for 3D Secure. What happens the first time I use the card to make an online purchase?

          When you select to pay by credit card at checkout, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. The bank that issued your credit card will then require that you verify that you are in fact the correct cardholder (for example by entering your pin code or one-time password).
        • What if I do not want to activate my credit card for 3D Secure?

          If you do not activate your credit card for 3D Secure before it becomes mandatory, you will be required to pay for your goods or services via alternative online payment methods supported by the merchant website (e.g. EFT).

        • My card is blocked. How do I reactivate my card for 3D Secure?

          This depends on your bank. However, in most cases your bank will lock your card after three unsuccessful attempts as a safety mechanism against fraud. If this occurs, please contact your bank’s helpdesk using the toll-free number on the back of your card.
        • What if I suspect fraud on my card?

          In this case, please block your card as quickly as possible by contacting your Bank Client Services or Card Fraud division, both of which are available 24/7. Once the card is blocked, you will no longer be able to make purchases (online, shops) with your card or use it to withdraw cash at the ATMs.
        • Tips for a good 3D Secure experience

          • Ensure you have the card you intend to use to pay for the transaction ready.
          • Ensure you have your cellphone with you to receive the One Time PIN (OTP) or you know what your PIN or Password is (depending on your bank’s authentication method).
          • After entering your PIN/Password, the system may take a couple of seconds to authenticate your PIN/Password. This is normal – do not close the browser.
          • If you receive an error message, read the message on the screen. If you have entered your PIN/Password incorrectly, you will be allowed to retry. Although infrequent, there may also be other reasons why the transaction failed, in which case we recommend that you follow the instructions on the screen or contact your bank for further assistance.
        • What if I have more questions related to 3D Secure?

          If you have questions related to the 3D Secure process or need to change your mobile number, please contact your bank for assistance.