Romance Of The Hebrew Calendar (Paperback)

Romance Of The Hebrew Calendar (Paperback)
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    Raphael ben Levi
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    This unique book is written from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Each feast is skilfully and comprehensively presented in a manner easily accessible for those seeking to understand better the Jewish roots of their Christian faith; it is an invaluable resource for personal or study groups.

    Three themes weave through the entire book: the Jewish feasts, the glory of God’s heavens and the jewels of the high priest’s ephod. These areas combine to provide insights that portray the majesty and the wonder of our Creator God revealed through Messiah Jesus.

    “Romance of the Hebrew Calendar” is a treasure trove of wisdom, reflection and spiritual refreshment. It contains a rich collection of Jewish wisdom, biblical interpretation, and Messianic Jewish understanding that will enrich the Church and help Jewish people see the Jewishness of Jesus as He fulfils the Hebrew Scriptures.

    Each exposition of material and the accompanying reflections invite the reader to go deeper in their faith and understanding. The liturgies for sabbath and festivals are clearly explained and user-friendly for those wishing to adopt them. The notes, glossary and explanations are all helpful and easy to understand.

    As a believer in Jesus the Messiah, ben Levi makes an important contribution to this field of study, by inviting those from both Israel and the nations to understand more of the richness, relevance and renewing power of God’s purposes in our world and in our lives today.

    This book has a difference that other books on the same and similar topics have missed; it has the ability to make the reader, Jew or Gentile, religious or secular, fall in love and gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural and spiritual context of the feasts and traditions; of the God who desires to bring us into a deeper relationship with Himself.
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    4. Size : 170 x 244 mm
    5. Long Author : Raphael ben Levi
    1. Number of Pages : 708 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Paperback
    4. Publisher : Raphael Ben Levi

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