Open And Unafraid: The Psalms As A Guide To Life (Hardcover)

Open And Unafraid: The Psalms As A Guide To Life (Hardcover)
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  • Open And Unafraid: The Psalms As A Guide To Life (Hardcover)

    W. David O. Taylor
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    The creator of the groundbreaking film The Psalms, featuring Bono and Eugene Peterson, shows how the Psalms enable us to find a more transparent, resilient, and fearless life of faith. Featuring a foreword by Eugene Peterson and an afterword by Bono.

    In 2016, David Taylor released a film of Eugene Peterson and U2's Bono discussing how the Psalms had shaped their work, helping them make sense of life, art, metaphor, violence, suffering, and mortality. With more than one million views on YouTube, the film is a sensation and has helped people encounter God as he is presented in the Psalms: a God of justice, grace, goodness, healing, power and refuge. Open and Unafraid goes even further, showing us how the Psalms become a guide to living faithfully.

    The Psalms have been central to God's people for millennia, across all walks of life and cultural contexts. In reading them, we discover that we are never alone in our joys, sorrows, angers, doubts, praises, or thanksgivings. In them, we learn about prayer and poetry, honesty and community, justice and enemies, life and death, nations and creation. Open and Unafraid shows us how to read the Psalms in a fresh, life-giving way, and so access the bottomless resources for life that they provide.

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    2. SKU : 9781400210473
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    4. Size : 140 x 213 mm
    5. Long Author : W. David O. Taylor
    1. Number of Pages : 224 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Hardcover
    4. Publisher : Thomas Nelson

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