Intro To Biblical Greek Teacher Guide (Paperback)

Intro To Biblical Greek Teacher Guide (Paperback)
Intro To Biblical Greek Teacher Guide (Paperback)
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  • Intro To Biblical Greek Teacher Guide (Paperback)

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    Intro to Biblical Greek

    Scope of Course

    Intro to Biblical Greek is an elective course that lays the groundwork for further study of the language. The course is appropriate for middle school and high school students, though middle schoolers may find it a strong challenge.

    The purpose of the course is to simplify many of the basic concepts of biblical Greek and give you an edge should you continue with more advanced studies of the language. This is not structured as a typical language course. It is essentially a “starter kit” that will get you reading and understanding biblical Greek. It will not give you a daily lesson on pronunciation or practicing verb conjugation, but is instead designed to give you a working knowledge of biblical Greek, not a specific mastery of it.

    Course Description

    This video-based learning program is a basic introduction to biblical or Koine Greek. Complete a flexible course that includes suggestions for lesson schedules depending on how extensive you want the course to be. Student worksheets, practice sheets, quizzes, answer keys, and suggested ongoing resources and projects to enhance learning are included in this study guide.

    This course is perfect for those students who plan to attend seminary, or those who are just interested in learning about the New Testament Greek or wanting to experience a deeper study of biblical text. You will discover:

    The Greek alphabet
    Punctuation (and how it’s used!)
    Nouns, verbs, voice, and moods
    Nominative, genitives, vocatives, accusatives, and datives (the –tives of when to use what word and how)
    How to understand many of the Greek references your pastor makes
    The importance of properly translating the Bible
    A basic understanding of how a concordance and lexicon work
    A refresher course in English grammar
    How to apply your new skills!
    Developed for use by individuals or families, now in just one semester you can go beyond simple memorization to actually begin to grasp the meaning and message of the Greek texts! An understanding of biblical Greek can help students understand the truths of the New Testament in a deeper way, as well as grasping the fullness of God’s perfect timing, using a vastly known language to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the Western world. Be inspired to love the Savior more as you grasp the Bible’s message more clearly!
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