Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Curriculum Kit)

Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Curriculum Kit)
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  • Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Curriculum Kit)

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    Turn Master Books' historical geography resources into a homeschool science curriculum with this convenient teacher guide. Covering 180 days of instruction for Your Guide to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone & Grand Teton and America's National Parks: A Creation Tour DVD , a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes & tests, and an answer key are provided. Pages are grouped by type, rather than by lesson, so parents can easily remove tests and answer keys.

    Worksheets and tests include vocabulary to define, short answer questions, Bible-based questions, and activities; the book page numbers and day number are on the top of the worksheets for easy assignment tracking.

    Awesome Science features all 12 Noah Justice episodes; 12 episodes on 6 DVDs, each episode is 30 minutes. Your Guide to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks is a photo-rich travel guide will give you a creationist perspective you won't get from other books that presents information on how to plan your trip, see the parks once you arrive, nearby services and amenities, trail tips, worship information, maps, and general information on the area, practical help is given in planning your journey. Separate sections address 12 main evidences that support the biblical model of creation, as well as sections on geology, fossils, ecology, and history. Your Guide to the Grand Canyon: A Different Perspective, is a unique guide to the beautiful sights and landmarks of the Canyon and is an essential tool for families and individuals interested in the park.

    This course covers 1 year of science (worth 1 credit) at the recommended schedule of 30-45 minutes per lesson, 5 days a week. Reproducible for homeschool families and small classrooms with under 10 students. Line-listed answer keys. Glossary included. NKJV Scripture used. Grades 7-8. Softcover. 346 perforated, three-hole-punched pages.

    This kit includes:
    Awesome Science: Historical Geology Teacher Guide, softcover, 346 pages softcover, three-hole-punched
    Awesome Science - America's National Parks: A Creation Tour with Noah Justice-12 episode DVD set
    Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks - A Different Perspective; 188 pages, hidden-spiral binding, hardcover
    Your Guide to the Grand Canyon - A Different Perspective; 189 pages, hidden spiralbinding, hardcover.
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