Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd Edition (Hardcover)

Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd Edition (Hardcover)
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  • Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd Edition (Hardcover)

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    Harold R. Jacobs
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    Geometry Designed for Understanding
    Jacobs’ Geometry utilizes a clear, conversational, engaging approach to teach your student the concepts, principles, and application of Geometry through practical, real-life application! Harold Jacobs guides your student through Geometry, enabling them to discover the concepts & their applications for themselves in order to develop an understanding of the principles that goes beyond simple memorization to pass a test.
    Jacobs’ unique instructional approach to math means your student:
    • Develops a true understanding of geometric principles
    • Interacts with concepts using real-world examples, ensuring they’ll know exactly how to apply the material they are learning to real-life and other academic subjects
    • Is prepared to take their understanding of Geometry concepts outside the math textbook and successfully apply them to higher math courses, sciences, & everyday life
    • Is equipped with an understanding of the foundational mathematical concepts of Geometry—and once a student truly understands the concepts in Geometry, they are equipped & prepared for all higher math & sciences!
    Engaging, Real-World Instruction
    Understanding both the why and how of Geometry is foundational to your student’s success in high school and college. Jacobs’ Geometry provides students with a clear and thorough understanding of why concepts work, as well as how they are applied to solve real-world problems.
    A Top Choice for High School Success & College Prep
    Jacobs’ Geometry has proven its ability to guide students towards success and is still the choice of top teachers and schools. The unique instructional method within Jacobs’ Geometry ensures your student understands both the why and how of Geometry and establishes a strong foundation for higher math & science courses. If your student is planning for college or a STEM career, Jacobs’ Geometry ensures they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed!
    Geometry Student Text Includes:
    • Full Color Illustrations
    • 16 sections, covering deductive reasoning, lines & angles, congruence, inequalities, quadrilaterals, area, triangles, circles, theorems, polygons, geometric solids, and more!
    • Answers to select exercises in the back of the text
    • Flexible based on focus & intensity of course
    o Set I exercises review ideas & concepts from previous lessons to provide ongoing application of material.
    o Set II exercises allow student to apply material from the new lesson
    o Set III exercises provided additional, more challenging problems
    1. Category : Educational
    2. SKU : 9781683440208
    3. Barcode : 9781683440208
    4. Size : 198 x 254 mm
    5. Long Author : Harold R. Jacobs
    1. Number of Pages : 780 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Hardcover
    4. Publisher : New Leaf Press

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