Fear Is Not The Boss Of You (Paperback)

Fear Is Not The Boss Of You (Paperback)

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Jennifer Allwood
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This book is for any woman who has ever been overwhelmed with indecision, paralyzed with fear, or just plain stuck. With no-nonsense biblical truth, Fear Is Not the Boss of You is a loving kick in the backside that will catapult you into ACTION. Successful entrepreneur, business coach, and girl next door Jennifer Allwood is your guide to show you why you can't stay stuck, teaching you how to get out of your own way and get on the road to fulfilling the life of your dreams--even if you're afraid.

Whether you're thinking of launching a new business, adopting a child, writing a book, or competing in a triathlon, Jennifer will motivate you to move from paralyzing fear into courageous obedience and action. With stories, straightforward truth, and practical tips you can apply today, Jennifer will show you how to:

Identify how and where you are stuck
Determine what's holding you back
Get out of your own way
Empower those around you
Experience the incredible joy that comes from trusting a big God to do big things in you and through you

This is your gutsy invitation to go after the big dream God has called you to . . . because fear is not the boss of you.
  1. Category : Christian Living
  2. SKU : 9780310359104
  3. Barcode : 9780310359104
  4. Size : 145 x 221 mm
  5. Long Author : Jennifer Allwood
  1. Number of Pages : 240 pp
  2. Language : English
  3. Format : ITPE
  4. Publisher : Zondervan Publishing House

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