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Counting Blessings (Board Book)

Counting Blessings (Board Book)

Eileen Spinelli
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Eileen Spinelli
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From award-winning author Eileen Spinelli, this cozy and adorable padded board book is perfect for bedtime, teaching your kids to count to ten, or even presenting the idea of thankfulness as an everyday event. And the rhyming text and child-friendly illustrations make this book wonderful for toddlers and young readers.

Counting Blessings follows a young bunny as he counts his blessings through his day, as well as explores all the blessings awaiting him throughout the rest of the year. As you child counts along from 1 to 10, they will learn to be thankful for the simple, everyday things—like family, warm clothes, and favorite toys—as well as the things that make the day extra-special, like ten good night kisses. With rhymes that make counting fun to remember and illustrations with elements your child can find and count along with, this delightful board book captures the attention of young children, filling their minds with numbers and their hearts with happiness.

Counting Blessings:

  • makes counting fun and relatable for kids
  • helps your child look for and count the blessings in their own life
  • also contains elements about the four seasons
  • is the perfect size for lap reading, and sturdy enough for little hands
  • has soft, rounded corners to ensure even the youngest child can enjoy the story
  1. Category Children
  2. SKU 9780310750727
  3. Barcode 9780310750727
  4. Size 203 x 203 mm
  5. Long Author Eileen Spinelli
  1. Number of Pages 20 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Board Book
  4. Publisher Zondervan Publishing House

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