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Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set (Paperback)

Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set (Paperback)

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Biblical Basics for Kindergarten engages your kindergarten student’s curiosity, excitement, and inquisitive nature as they explore math, science, language arts, and Biblical truth through interactive lessons, engaging hands-on activities, art, worksheets, and exciting stories that capture your student’s attention!

In Biblical Basics for Kindergarten your students will learn:

Songs & Rhymes
How to count 0-100
The Alphabet
Place Value
The Water Cycle
Basic Nouns & Verbs
Simple Addition
and more!

Build a Solid Foundation!

Biblical Basics for Kindergarten begins with the Bible, placing education within the context of God’s Word. Students will explore Creation while discovering the wonder of God’s design through hands-on projects, experiments, and crafts. As students study numbers, language arts, and science they’ll also:

Memorize 27 Bible Verses
Discover important Biblical truth
Develop Biblical character traits such as thankfulness, respect, kindness, and diligence
Lean that God has a plan for their life
and so much more!

Totally Flexible!

Biblical Basics for Kindergarten features a flexible framework—allowing you to customize the lessons, material, and activities to fit your indivudual student.

Biblical Basics for Kindergarten Set Includes:

Biblical Basics for Kindergarten Teacher Guide

Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
Materials List
Interactive Lessons
Includes black & white copies of The Tiny Book, The Big Book, Bombus the Bumblebee, Bombus Finds a Friend, The Day the World Went Wacky, and Noah’s Floating Animal Park to read and color with your student


Young learners discover Creation with integrated, fun-filled lessons! Each set of instructions include math, English, science, art, and character studies. Key Bible verses link creation-themed concepts to the imaginative and fun activities.

The Not So Super Skyscraper

Students will discover that the Bible answers the big questions of life in the Not so Super Skyscraper as they find out that everyone on earth is actually related and how different languages and nationalities came to be.

Creation Story for Children

Students will explore the week of creation through vibrant images in this beautiful storybook!

Books included in the Teacher Guide:

The Tiny Book: Little things can make big differences! A magnificent book highlighting the amazing world we sometimes fail to see and teaching that God created everything, so everything is special.

The Big Book: Large things are important, too! A beautiful book that highlights the big things in life and teaches that God created everything in this remarkable universe!

Bombus the Bumblebee: Celebrate creation with Bombus as he discovers he was uniquely designed by God. Bombus realizes that God created him to fly, not like the other flying insects, but like a bumblebee! Includes fascinating facts about bumblebees.

Bombus Finds a Friend: The second adventure for this delightful, chubby bumblebee, this book picks up where Bombus debuted: teaching children honest, important values like respect and helping a friend. As with the first book, this volume contains fascinating facts about God’s creatures.

The Day the World Went Wacky: Yes, God made a perfect world, but something has made it go crazy! This original and entertaining rhyming book retells the story of Genesis 3 and what it means for us today, using a unique combination of humor and apologetics.

Noah’s Floating Animal Park: Noah’s Floating Animal Park combines humor and rhyme to help kids understand the events of Noah’s Flood and the spiritual lesson it teaches us today.

Course Features:

3 - 4 hours per day, 4x per week
Recommended Grade Level: K / 5-6 years old
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