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Always Near: 10 Ways To Delight In The Closeness Of God (Hardcover)

Always Near: 10 Ways To Delight In The Closeness Of God (Hardcover)

Robert J. Morgan
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Robert J. Morgan
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God is both everywhere and always near, yet we often miss Him. In our ever-on, busy world, it requires intentionality to encounter God and learn to enjoy Him.

In a fast-paced, perpetually distracted society, we often feel alone, outmatched by trouble, and overwhelmed by life. Bestselling author and pastor Robert J. Morgan recognizes that the very core of personal spirituality is knowing Him in whose presence we travel and in whose light we continually dwell. Learning to train our souls to awaken to the simple pleasure of being present with our Savior relieves what all-to-often overwhelms us. In Always Near, Morgan provides 10 ways we can cultivate the blessings of God's presence, including:

  • Discovering special places
  • Focusing on things unseen
  • Abiding in Scripture
  • Highlighting special times
  • Trusting God in difficulty
  • Serving God in ways large and small

It is time to nurture a sense of the abiding nearness of Him who is closer than a brother so that you’ll know more of His joy, strength, and comfort. Experience a relationship with the God who made you, who loves you, and desires for you to enjoy His presence. Seek the Lord and soon discover He was, is, and always will be Always Near.

  1. Category Christian Living
  2. SKU 9780718083380
  3. Barcode 9780718083380
  4. Size 140 x 178 mm
  5. Long Author Robert J. Morgan
  1. Number of Pages 192 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Hardcover
  4. Publisher Thomas Nelson

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