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Math Level 3: Lessons For A Living Education (Paperback)

Math Level 3: Lessons For A Living Education (Paperback)

Angela O'Dell,Kyrsten Carlson
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Angela O'Dell,Kyrsten Carlson
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Join the adventures of twins Charlie and Charlotte as they master important math concepts while they experience fun as well as challenges in their daily lives! This engaging math series encourages critical thinking skills and helps students learn not only the right answers, but also helps them to understand the vital steps in the process and how many concepts build upon one another! Math Level 3:
• Contains a convenient answer key in the back of the book
• Includes a course calendar which helps organize daily lessons that are focused on measurements, fractions, multiplication, division, Roman numerals, rounding, estimation, place values through millions, and much more!
• Reviews basic concepts used to teach more complex skills
Charlie and Charlotte’s family is traveling to Peru and many more adventures await as part of their special journey. Discover cultural experiences and important character development as the twins and students taking this course are encouraged to use their math skills to solve everyday problems.

Math concepts are best learned in the context of living, in the midst of discovery, and through the worldview glasses that focus on the bigger picture. True education is based on relationships: the relationship the child makes with the amazing concepts in the world around them; the relationship the teacher and the child make with each other; and most importantly and ultimately, the relationship the child makes with their Creator.
Even as a child, I was always writing...scribbling poetry instead of doing math homework, penning epistles to friends instead of scripting book reports, and concocting tales "from yesteryear" instead of studying for that dreaded Spanish exam. When I wasn't writing something, you probably would have found me reading historical novels or drawing horses.
As an adult, I have taught my four children at home for seventeen years and written and illustrated more than 20 books.
In 2009, I began to write my history series, A Living History of Our World, and added the much-loved math series, Math Lessons for a Living Education in 2010. In early 2015, I dived into the adventure of owning my own publishing company, Jellybean Jar Publications. I also work with Master Books of New Leaf Publications.
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  2. SKU 9780890519257
  3. Barcode 9780890519257
  4. Size 211 x 274 mm
  5. Long Author Angela O'Dell,Kyrsten Carlson
  1. Number of Pages 360 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher New Leaf Press

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