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Get a beautiful Bible that is easy to read and carry, one that contains nothing but the precious Word of God on its pages. Add the Filament Bible app, and with a simple scan of the page number you’ll have study notes, profiles, devotionals, videos, interactive maps and more—just for the page you are reading.

The Filament Bible app

This Bible includes exclusive access to the Filament App, available in the App Store and Google Play. Simply scan the page you are reading with your device's camera. Your phone or tablet recognizes the page and instantly connects you to content centered around that passage. The Filament app pairs perfectly with the Filament Bible, and it is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. The Filament app has a depth of resources that you simply can’t find in any print Bible, and it has the kind of seamless connection to a print Bible that no other app or Bible software can offer.

Bible Features

The Filament Bible features a carefully crafted page design, offering the best possible reading experience in a single-volume print Bible. A line-over-line single-column setting, generous font size and margins, and optimal line length create a strikingly beautiful presentation of God’s Word in a portable package. 

• New designs and Filament content for each page.
• Readable large print
• Handy thin size
• Words of Jesus in red
•Thousands of cross-references
• Quality lay-flat Smyth-sewn binding
• Tyndale Verse Finder
• Presentation page
• Ribbon marker
• Gilded page edges

Filament Bible app with free access to:

25,000 Study Notes
350+ Videos
40+ Maps and Infographics
400+ Profiles and Articles
1,500+ Devotionals
Library of Worship Music
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The Study window contains everything you would expect to find in an excellent study Bible: book introductions, study notes, in-depth articles on key topics, and profiles of key people from the Bible.


The Reflect window is less about in-depth study and more about connecting the ideas of the Bible to your everyday life. Here you’ll find devotional articles and thoughts that are curated from some of Tyndale’s favorite resources.


The See window is where you’ll find all things visual. Interactive maps and visuals allow you to zoom in or out and tap key locations to learn more and see photos of the sites. Videos that are relevant to the page you are reading are provided by The Bible Project.

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