Shackled (Paperback)

Shackled (Paperback)
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    By: Eugene Bach,Mariam Ibraheem
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    Eugene Bach,Mariam Ibraheem
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    Mariam Ibraheem was born in a refugee camp in Sudan. Her Muslim father died when she was six, and her mother raised her in the Christian faith. After a traumatic childhood, Mariam became a successful businessperson, married the man she loved, and had a beautiful baby boy.

    But one day in 2013, her world was shattered when Sudan authorities insisted she was Muslim because of her father’s background. She had broken the law by marrying a Christian man, and she must abandon both her marriage and her son and adopt Islam. Under intense pressure, Mariam repeatedly refused. Ultimately, a Sharia court sentenced her to 100 lashes—and death by hanging.

    Shackled is the stunning true story of a courageous young mother who was willing to face death rather than deny her faith. Mariam Ibraheem took a stand on behalf of all women who are maltreated because of their gender and all people who suffer from religious persecution.

    Follow Mariam’s story from life under Islamic law, through imprisonment and childbirth while shackled, to her remarkable escape from death following an international outcry and advocacy that included diplomats, journalists, activists, and even Pope Francis.
    1. Category : Biography / Autobiography
    2. SKU : 9781641238199
    3. Barcode : 9781641238199
    4. Size : 152 x 229 mm
    5. Long Author : Eugene Bach,Mariam Ibraheem
    1. Number of Pages : 228 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : ITPE
    4. Publisher : Whitaker House

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