The Martyr's Oath (Paperback)

The Martyr's Oath (Paperback)
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    Johnnie Moore
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    From the flap (HC edition):
    I’ll never forget witnessing two thousand followers of Jesus take a martyr’s oath.
    I was in India attending the graduation at a Bible school. The founder of the school knew firsthand the sting of persecution. He had survived at least fifteen assassination attempts and walked with a limp because he had been beaten so many times.
    He made it clear that each of his students would be qualified for graduation only once they confessed their willingness to serve Jesus even if it meant their death. They were to repeat after him, word for word, a martyr’s oath.
    The first time I saw this, it shook my faith in a way I had never felt before. The temperatures soared over one hundred degrees without even a whiff of breeze, as two thousand students pressed together with their family and friends. Unlike the American culture I was accustomed to, no one complained about the heat while singing “I Sur-render All.”
    Word by word, the resolute roar of the students’ voices rose from that dusty tent as they pledged their lives to Jesus. I remember thinking that I was standing in the book of Acts, witnessing a raw, first-century Chris-tianity that I’d been shielded from in the United States. I felt deprived yet suddenly spiritually alive.
    I asked myself: Why are so few of us in America willing to live for Jesus when others are so willing to die for him? Seeing Jesus through the eyes of the persecuted church transformed me.
    I’ve written this book because I believe seeing your faith through their eyes will change you, too.

    —Johnnie Moore
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