The Jesus Of The Gospels: An Introduction (Hardcover)

The Jesus Of The Gospels: An Introduction (Hardcover)
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  • The Jesus Of The Gospels: An Introduction (Hardcover)

    Andreas J. Kostenberger
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    The Jesus of the Gospels brings together the best elements of a survey of the Gospels and a commentary on the Gospels to help readers know Jesus and understand the good news.

    Drawing on decades of experience teaching and writing on the Gospels, Andreas Köstenberger presents a holistic portrait of Jesus by leading readers through an in-depth study of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each chapter explores one Gospel account, beginning with a short introduction that highlights the Gospel's individual distinctives, followed by an outline of the book.

    Köstenberger breaks each Gospel into short sections, explaining the meaning and how it sheds light on Jesus and his mission. Numerous sidebars and diagrams highlight supplemental information, and regular "Recap" sections summarize key points. For those interested in further study, footnotes point to useful resources. In addition to helping readers follow the storyline and theology of each Gospel, Köstenberger also emphasizes practical application, showing readers how to apply what they're learning to their lives.

    Ideal for those who are new to the study of the Gospels, and for instructors looking for an accessible introduction based on solid scholarship, The Jesus of the Gospels offers readers and students a valuable introduction to the riches of the Gospels and leads them to a deeper knowledge of Jesus and the good news.
    1. Category : Bible Study
    2. SKU : 9780825445361
    3. Barcode : 9780825445361
    4. Size : 188 x 234 mm
    5. Long Author : Andreas J. Kostenberger
    1. Number of Pages : 464 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Hardcover
    4. Publisher : Kregel Publishers

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