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The Enneagram Of Belonging (Paperback)

The Enneagram Of Belonging (Paperback)

Christopher L. Heuertz
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Christopher L. Heuertz
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Bestselling author and Enneagram expert, Chris Heuertz, offers the Enneagram enthusiast a deep dive experience that brings about radical self-acceptance which leads to better acceptance of others.

Most of us can accept that we are loved, yet we are still learning how to like ourselves. We don't know how to make peace with the whole of who we are. As a result, we spend significant mental energy beating ourselves up.

The Enneagram of Belonging is for all those seeking meaningful transformation beyond the self-awareness of one's type. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-understanding, yet if we do not approach this uncomfortably honest mirror with self-compassion, we will miss some of its brightest gifts. In this compelling follow-up to bestselling The Sacred Enneagram, Enneagram teacher Chris Heuertz offers a fresh take on the nine types with a distinctly compassionate approach to self-understanding as the first stride on our journey towards belonging.

This journey of transformation follows three parts, as you move from self-awareness, to self-acceptance, to the natural overflow of extending compassion to others. Along the way, The Enneagram of Belonging will help you:

Make peace with the whole of who you are through radical self-acceptance
Identify your unique sub-type, the next layer of discovery for those who are already familiar with their type
Understand your own self-sabotaging patterns so that you can rise above them
See yourself as God sees you: with unconditional acceptance
Break free of the lie that belonging hinges on good behavior

If you're ready to move from loneliness to connectedness, from feeling misunderstood to feeling seen and known, from being trapped in self-sabotaging cycles to being freed toward transformation, The Enneagram of Belonging is your place to start.
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  4. Size 140 x 213 mm
  5. Long Author Christopher L. Heuertz
  1. Number of Pages 240 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher Zondervan Publishing House

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