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Superbook 2: Esther (DVD)

Superbook 2: Esther (DVD)
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  • Superbook 2: Esther (DVD)

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    Joy is challenged to stand up to a classmate who questions Joy’s selection of a new girl at school to join a special club. If Joy pushes for the new girl she could lose her own position in the club. Superbook whisks the kids off to meet Queen Esther, who is facing a moral crisis of her own. As Joy befriends the Queen, she learns that her own dilemma pales in comparison to the life and death choice Queen Ester is grappling with. At the moment of truth, Ether shows her true colors and stands up for what is right, even though it could mean death. She is rewarded for her bravery, protects a nation, and with that Joy returns home full of the resilience and fortitude it will take to do the right thing in her situation at school.
    1. Category : Children
    2. SKU : CAMDV93714478
    3. Barcode : 6006937144781
    1. Language : English
    2. Format : DVD
    3. Publisher : Christian Broadcasting Network

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