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Receiving The 12 Blessings Of Israel (Paperback)

Receiving The 12 Blessings Of Israel (Paperback)

Paul Thangiah
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Paul Thangiah
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Unique, Fascinating Look at How God's Promises to Israel Apply to Today

We read throughout the Bible about God blessing his people, but most of us don't realize that these blessings are still meant for today--and for us.

In this accessible study, pastor and international leader Paul Thangiah connects ancient biblical texts to modern-day life. Exploring Jacob's final blessings over his twelve sons in Genesis and Moses' parting blessings to the twelve tribes in Deuteronomy, Thangiah sheds light on the history of those on whom these blessings were bestowed. With keen insight, he examines the background of each of Jacob's sons, the significance of each name and personal situation, and what the Bible says about his descendants. Then, he shows how each of the twelve tribes saw the fulfillment of both Jacob's and Moses' prophetic blessings.

Yet these blessings didn't cease at the end of the Old Testament, says Thangiah, revealing how they were powerfully and ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. You will be encouraged and inspired to discover how God's promises to his people extend beyond Israel to include all who've been grafted in through Christ--and how you can still enjoy these prophetic blessings today.
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  4. Size 140 x 216 mm
  5. Long Author Paul Thangiah
  1. Number of Pages 208 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher Chosen Books

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