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NIV Family Reading Bible (Hardcover)
NIV Family Reading Bible (Hardcover)

NIV Family Reading Bible (Hardcover)

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If you are one of the millions of Christian parents looking for a way to engage and understand the Bible together as a family, The Family Reading Bible is the Bible to meet your needs. Throughout the development of this unique Bible, the special content (reading paths, questions, fun facts, and more) was tested by Christian families just like yours, who provided insightful feedback and help in order to make this Bible useful for you and your family in everyday life. The Family Reading Bible is designed to help parents use the Bible itself as their family devotional tool. A reading system with three easy-to-use paths allows parents to accommodate children of various ages and stages. Readings of manageable length along with age-appropriate, engaging questions will encourage and maintain your kids’ interest in God’s Word. The Family Reading Bible is the perfect tool for parents in their role as the spiritual leaders of their home. CORE FEATURES
1) Three reading tracks: • Track 1: Short Path—for families with tight schedules or children under 9 • Track 2: Long Path—for longer devotional times and children over 9 • Track 3: Off the Beaten Path—provides an opportunity for creative exploration of various topics of the Bible such as the Christmas story, Angels and Demons, Kings and Queens, and other fun topics.
2) The Family Reading Bible is arranged in standard Bible order – Genesis to Revelation – but you’ll be reading the Bible stories and events in the sequence in which they occurred. Example: when a reading about David in 2 Samuel is connected to a Psalm David wrote, you will be directed by page number to a devotional reading from that Psalm. You will then be returned by page number back to the next reading in 2 Samuel.
3) Brief summaries connect reading passages to provide continuity and understanding
4) Engaging, relevant fact and discussion questions written for children at various learning levels
5) Trivia facts keep both kids and parents engaged
  1. Category NIV - New International Version
  2. Preferred Bible Bag Size Medium Bible Bag
  3. SKU 9780310941965
  4. Barcode 9780310941965
  5. Size 176 x 221 mm
  1. Number of Pages 1376 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Hardcover
  4. Publisher Zondervan Publishing House

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