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Love In Every Season: Understanding The Four Stages Of Every Healthy Relationship (Paperback)

Love In Every Season: Understanding The Four Stages Of Every Healthy Relationship (Paperback)

Debra Fileta
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Debra Fileta
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Every relationship goes through four life-changing seasons that play a pivotal role in taking your relationship to the next level. But depending on how you navigate each season, your relationship will either strengthen and grow, or it will slowly begin to fade.

Maybe your relationship is in the first blooms of spring, when friendship takes root and attraction blossoms.

Maybe you’re in the season of summer, and things are starting to heat up—spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Maybe you’re deep in fall, and your true colors are starting to shine through.

Or maybe you’re in winter, when the passion cools down and it would be all too easy to let the relationship freeze over.

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, join author, counselor, and relationship expert Debra Fileta, creator of, as she takes you on an eye-opening psychological and spiritual journey through the four seasons of every healthy relationship. You’ll learn to…

  • Recognize each season as it comes and navigate it with intention, focus, and practical steps.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of each stage by preparing for the hard moments and seeing them as opportunities to grow and connect. 
  • Celebrate not just the magical moments of each season, but the day-to-day choices that pave the way for a lasting relationship.

No matter what your relationship status, you’re invited on a journey to strengthen and grow your love in every season.  

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