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Digital Cocaine (Paperback)

Digital Cocaine (Paperback)
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  • Digital Cocaine (Paperback)

    Brad Huddleston
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    What’s the difference between half a line of cocaine and an hour playing a video game? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. What can you do to be effective at multi-tasking? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. What do digital devices in the classroom contribute to focus and concentration? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned.
    In Digital Cocaine, Brad Huddleston will replace your confusion, hesitancy and fear as it relates to the digital world with the facts that can make you and your family safer and more secure from page one.
    Whether it’s gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or the decline in grades, you’ll get a look inside your wonderful God-designed brain to understand how it interacts with the exploding world of digital communication and how you can keep your family safe.
    Your smartphone, tablet and computer can be powerful tools to help you … or not. The choice is yours. Digital Cocaine gives you the power to make that choice.
    1. Category : Christian Living
    2. SKU : 9781432115265
    3. Barcode : 9781432115265
    4. Size : 150 x 220 mm
    5. Long Author : Brad Huddleston
    1. Number of Pages : 252 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Paperback
    4. Publisher : Christian Art Publishers

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