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Biblical Truths That Bring Security: Change (Hardcover)

Biblical Truths That Bring Security: Change (Hardcover)
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  • Biblical Truths That Bring Security: Change (Hardcover)

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    Faced with real-life tests—whether to our reason or our reserves—we more easily doubt than believe, more quickly despair than trust.
    But often our tentativeness to stand on the Word of God is less a lack of courage and more a lack of knowledge. We know what we’ve heard; we know what we’ve been told. But what’s the truth? What does the Bible really say? What can we grab onto by faith and never let go?
    This book is an entire collection of biblical truth that deals with a specific area of life—a specific need, a specific topic, a specific place where questions have always seemed more prevalent than answers. But as each page attests, the Scripture will always provide a firm place to dig in and defend. Be sure of what’s true, and you’ll feel a lot more sure of the next step.
    1. Category : Christian Living
    2. SKU : 9781535917780
    3. Barcode : 9781535917780
    4. Size : 127 x 178 mm
    1. Number of Pages : 144 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Hardcover
    4. Publisher : Broadman & Holman Publishing

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