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Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend (Paperback)

Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend (Paperback)

David Frisbie,Lisa Frisbie
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David Frisbie,Lisa Frisbie
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Seasoned authors, speakers, and counselors David and Lisa Frisbie point the way for any woman who wants to make her relationship with her husband the best it can be. Readers will find solid reasons to believe that transformation is always possible.

Would you like to help your husband become more attentive, loving, and helpful around the house? Do you long for a new level of partnership and fun in your marriage? You can make a tremendous difference in your relationship all by yourself by inviting God to begin the change in you. Discover how wives like you have transformed their homes by…

recognizing the role unspoken expectations play in every marriage
releasing their unresolved emotions to allow for greater intimacy
choosing the right words and actions to encourage their husbands

Whether your husband is a prince or a pain in the neck, the best way to empower him to grow is to experience God’s life-giving touch in your own heart. These inspiring stories and biblical insights demonstrate how that happens and how you can become a better friend than your husband ever imagined.

Questions for reflection and ideas for journaling make this a perfect tool for a woman’s personal healing as well as group study.
  1. Category Marriage
  2. SKU 9780736929219
  3. Barcode 9780736929219
  4. Size 140 x 216 mm
  5. Long Author David Frisbie,Lisa Frisbie
  1. Number of Pages 256 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format ITPE
  4. Publisher Harvest House Publishers

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