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Awakening Your Prophetic Voice: Calling Forth Your Identity Through (Paperback)

Awakening Your Prophetic Voice: Calling Forth Your Identity Through (Paperback)

Betsy Jacobs
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Betsy Jacobs
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“When you allow Holy Spirit to illuminate your heart with God’s voice and paint your mind with images of a destiny that God has planned for you, unbelief, doubt, and worry will lose their influence over your heart and mind.”

A Practical Guide to Speaking Prophetic Words Over Your Life

Many Christians depend on others to deliver prophetic words from the Lord, hoping that the person prophesying will help direct their destinies or shape their identities. But what if you could hear God personally and learn to prophesy over yourself?

In this powerful, engaging book, Betsy Jacobs brings you into prophetic encounters where you will hear God’s voice and learn to prophesy what He is saying about you.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you a prophetic word. As you begin to hear God’s voice and speak His Truth over yourself, you can walk in the identity and destiny for which you were made!

Gain practical tools to…

Discern prophetic “hearing and seeing” moments where God is communicating uniquely to you.
Transform the sphere of influence you’ve been called to by prophesying words of life and Truth.
Experience deeper realms of intimacy with God by abiding in your identity as a son or daughter.
You don’t need to rely on the prophetic words of others to access your destiny. Prophesy God’s truth over your life today!
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  4. Size 152 x 229 mm
  5. Long Author Betsy Jacobs
  1. Number of Pages 224 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher Destiny Image Publishers

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