Anxious For Nothing & Unshakable Hope 2-In-1 (Paperback)

Anxious For Nothing & Unshakable Hope 2-In-1 (Paperback)
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  • Anxious For Nothing & Unshakable Hope 2-In-1 (Paperback)

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    Unshakable Hope

    What feels shaky in your world? Maybe you feel hurt by the past, disappointed by the present, or worried about the future. If so, there is hope. For every problem in life, God has given you a promise.

    In the New York Times bestselling book, Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado unpacks 12 of the Bible’s most significant promises, equipping you to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping your focus on the hope found in the promises of Scripture.

    Whether it’s heart disease or cancer, job failure or addiction, natural disasters or family disasters, mass murders or mental illness, there are so many reasons to be overwhelmed and hope can feel hard to come by. Now more than ever, we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God.

    In this book, you will be reminded that God’s promises are irrevocable because:
    • God is unchanging
    • God is faithful
    • God is strong
    • God cannot lie

    What is your life built on—the circumstances of life or the promises of God? The answer to that question changes everything. Join Max as he takes a closer look at Scripture’s unbreakable promises and shows you how to live with unshakable hope.

    Anxious For Nothing

    Does the uncertainty and chaos of life keep you up at night? Is anxiety your constant companion? We've all been there, but we don't have to let those racing thoughts control us. It's time to let God help you win the war on worry and start living a life full of calm.

    Anxious for Nothing, from pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado, provides a practical and powerful roadmap for battling with and healing from anxiety. Combining hopeful scripture with timeless stories, Max will equip you with the tools you need to overcome your anxieties, no matter what you're facing.

    Throughout Anxious for Nothing, Max reminds each of us that God has more in store for us than a life defined by the things we dread. Max invites us to take a closer look at Philippians 4:6-7--one of the most highlighted passages of any book in the world: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

    Max shares the story of the apostle Paul in a new light, giving us everyday insights into how we can all replace our angst and trepidation with true gratitude and peace.

    Max will also teach you how to:
    • Reframe the way that you view your fears and stressors
    • Receive bad news through a lens of sovereignty
    • Tell yourself the truth in every stressful situation
    • Leave your worries with the Lord and meditate on the good things in your life

    Anxious for Nothing also includes questions for reflection that will give you the opportunity to dive even deeper into the lessons you'll learn in every chapter.

    You deserve to discover a life characterized by calm instead of chaos. Join Max on the journey to lasting freedom from your anxiety and embrace joy, clarity, and contentment as you learn to be Anxious for Nothing.
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