No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal (Hardcover)

No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal (Hardcover)
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  • No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal (Hardcover)

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    Sarah Jakes Roberts
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    Who would imagine being friends with Eve--the woman who's been held responsible for the fall of humanity (and cramps) for thousands of years? Certainly not Sarah Jakes Roberts. That is, not until Sarah discovered she is more like Eve than she cares to admit.

    Making her mistake in Eden, Eve became the first woman to deal with rebuilding her life in the aftermath of her past. Eve knew better, but she didn't do better.

    With a blend of scriptural lessons, Eve as the framework, and Sarah as your guide, you will discover and work through:
    • Past issues and insecurities that haunt you
    • Seeing yourself as God sees you and trusting Him with who you really are
    • How to come out of darkness and pursue a real relationship with God
    • Why it's important to truly care for yourself
    • Setting in motion the beautiful seed that God planted in you

    Everyone faces trials, and everyone will mess up. But failure shouldn't be the focus. Your focus should be not on who you were but rather on the pursuit of who you can become. In No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal, Sarah takes you deeper to help you understand that your purpose in life does not change; it evolves.

    This companion guided journal includes:
    • Thought-provoking quotes from Sarah to inspire you to go deeper
    • Guided prompts and exercises as you take steps toward discovering your evolving purpose
    • Space to write your thoughts and reflections
    • A beautiful foil-embellished cover and high-design interior with photography

    Whether a gift for a woman you love or a self-purchase as you more deeply explore God's purpose for you, this guided journal will inspire, motivate, and offer practical steps to revolutionize your life. Your fears and insecurities may have altered your view of God, others, and yourself, but as you work through No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal, you can break through and use past mistakes to revolutionize your life. Like Eve, you don't have to live your future defined by your past.
    1. Category : Women
    2. SKU : 9781400236879
    3. Barcode : 9781400236879
    4. Size : 140 x 216 mm
    5. Long Author : Sarah Jakes Roberts
    1. Number of Pages : 192 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Hardcover
    4. Publisher : Thomas Nelson

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