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Math Lessons For A Living Education Level 2 (Math Lessons for a Living Education)(Paperback)

Math Lessons For A Living Education Level 2 (Math Lessons for a Living Education)(Paperback)

Angela O'Dell
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Angela O'Dell
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Welcome to the second book in the Math Lessons for a Living Education series! This book is the continuing story of Charlie and Charlotte, who are discovering that life is full of learning opportunities! As you read their story, your students will be drawn into the adventure along with the twins. They will learn about numbers, shapes, place value, adding, and subtracting. They will also learn about the seasons, geography, and the love of family. We hope you have a wonderful time exploring and learning! Math Level 2:
• Teaches math lessons through the creative means of a life story
• Provides a link for the downloadable answer key
• Has a scope and sequence that includes subtraction, writing numbers to 100, introducing word problems and measurement, and dollars and cents.

You will find that Math Lessons for a Living Education is a unique approach to learning math. A blend of stories, copy work, oral narration, and hands-on experience brings the concepts to life and invites the child to explore the world around them. The tone of this math book is meant to speak personally to each child, and the method easily adapted to any teaching style. The first 30 lessons have a story about the twins, taught through hands-on learning. After the story, there are exercises for students to practice the lesson they learned and to review what they have learned earlier. “Quizzes” or reviews, are in the form of “letters to family and friends.” Students show what they have learned by writing the letters for the twins!
Even as a child, I was always writing...scribbling poetry instead of doing math homework, penning epistles to friends instead of scripting book reports, and concocting tales "from yesteryear" instead of studying for that dreaded Spanish exam. When I wasn't writing something, you probably would have found me reading historical novels or drawing horses.
As an adult, I have taught my four children at home for seventeen years and written and illustrated more than 20 books.
In 2009, I began to write my history series, A Living History of Our World, and added the much-loved math series, Math Lessons for a Living Education in 2010. In early 2015, I dived into the adventure of owning my own publishing company, Jellybean Jar Publications. I also work with Master Books of New Leaf Publications.
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  2. SKU 9780890519240
  3. Barcode 9780890519240
  4. Size 208 x 267 mm
  5. Long Author Angela O'Dell
  1. Number of Pages 352 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher New Leaf Press

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