My Name Is Jesus: Discover Me Through My Names (Paperback)

My Name Is Jesus: Discover Me Through My Names (Paperback)
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  • My Name Is Jesus: Discover Me Through My Names (Paperback)

    Elmer L. Towns
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    Hello . . . My name is Jesus. There are many ways to learn about Me. You can study how I lived, or My miracles, or My sermons, or the way I talk to people. You can see My full deity in the things I said, and you can also see my full humanity in the gospels.
    But I want to tell you about all My names, offices, titles, and pic­tures of Me in scripture. Each one gives a glimpse of who I am and what I do. When you put all of them together, you begin to grasp who I, the Son of God, am.
    Why are there so many names about Me? Because I am God. My many names reflect My many qualities, even then there are many things about Me you will never know. Remember, as God I am eternal . . . omniscient . . . omnipresent . . . and omnipotent. These are qualities that humans can’t comprehend . . . measure . . . or fully understand.

    You can never completely know Me because you don’t have a divine mind to know all things. Only the Father and the Holy Spirit know Me completely and understand every aspect of My life.
    There are over 700 names-references to Me in scripture. Some of these are names I gave Myself, some are names given to Me by the Father, or the Holy Spirit. Other names are given to Me by humans who spoke under divine inspiration and/or direction by the Father or Holy Spirit. They spoke so people would know things about Me that were previously unknown.
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