Undaunted: Daring To Do What God Calls You To Do (Paperback)

Undaunted: Daring To Do What God Calls You To Do (Paperback)
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  • Undaunted: Daring To Do What God Calls You To Do (Paperback)

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    Christine Caine
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    You have a calling to fulfill. Are you ready to take the risk of moving past your past to fulfill it? Christine Caine faced hurdles that seemed insurmountable--abuse, abandonment, and the loss of a child. Yet she decided to answer God's call on her life no matter where it would lead her. Many times, the only thing that kept her going was knowing that she was God's beloved. She was God's chosen. Secure in those truths, she moved beyond her pain so she could live the adventure of bringing God's light and love to others around the world.

    In this updated and expanded edition of her bestselling book, Undaunted, Christine challenges you to embrace the reality of God's love so you can speak it to others as you live out your own unique calling. As Christine writes, "Love like Christ's can lift you out of betrayal and hurt. It can deliver you from any mess. Love like that can release you from every prison of fear and confusion. And love like God's can fill you up till it spills out of you, and you have to speak about it, share it, spread it around."

    You already have all you need to bring hope to others. With additional biblical teaching, new stories, and a new epilogue, this updated and expanded edition of Undaunted will awaken you to how God wants to work through you and in you as you dare to become who God created you to be.
    1. Category : Spiritual Growth
    2. SKU : 9780310355885
    3. Barcode : 9780310355885
    4. Size : 140 x 216 mm
    5. Long Author : Christine Caine
    1. Number of Pages : 240 pp
    2. Language : English
    3. Format : Paperback
    4. Publisher : Zondervan Publishing House

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