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A New Apostolic Reformation (Paperback)

A New Apostolic Reformation (Paperback)

Holly Pivec,R. Douglas Geivett
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Holly Pivec,R. Douglas Geivett
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This critique provides a framework for understanding and interpreting the widespread but little-known New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement. As the authors state in the preface: “We write this book with two major goals in mind. First, to give people an idea of the sheer size and reach of the NAR movement. And second, to systematize its key teachings and practices and evaluate them on the basis of Scripture and careful reasoning … . In our judgment, the NAR perspective crosses these boundaries [that is, certain broad parameters, revealed in Scripture and practiced in the historical orthodox church], and it does so in part because of flawed theology rooted in a flawed understanding of Scripture. We wish to warn readers about a possible confusion: Some critics have linked the NAR movement with mainstream Pentecostalism and charismatics. We do not do this. In fact, it is our contention that the NAR movement deviates from classical Pentecostal and charismatic teachings. This movement has emerged out of independent charismatic churches and, thus, has gained a foothold in many of those churches in varying degrees.”
  1. Category Apologetics
  2. SKU 9781941337035
  3. Barcode 9781941337035
  4. Size 152 x 229 mm
  5. Long Author Holly Pivec,R. Douglas Geivett
  1. Number of Pages 272 pp
  2. Language English
  3. Format Paperback
  4. Publisher Weaver Book Company

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