Board Game: Turkeys And Eagles Updated (Boxed Set)

Board Game: Turkeys And Eagles Updated (Boxed Set)
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  • Board Game: Turkeys And Eagles Updated (Boxed Set)

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    We believe that true freedom can only come when someone discover theiry true indentity in Christ. That is what Turkeys and Eagles is all about. It is a unique board game designed to take players on a journey  to see themselves through God's eyes, to uproot negative thinking patterns and replace them with the truth. It was inspired through Peter Lord's book, "Turkeys and Eagles" which contains the full story and we can highly recommend that you read. Peter Lord has also developed a great questionaire to see wether a person understands this concept on identity in Christ or not. If you'd like to know more, we suggent you come for the facilitator training as knowing this is absolutely crucial to understand. This new and revised Turkeys & Eagles 2.0 game has 1000 playing cards to spark great conversations. While our first version of the game only had 325 cards in the Starter Pack & another 195 in the Booster Pack. We gave it a completely new look and all the cards now come in boxes so that it can't fall over if someone accidentily bump the table. In the box you'll find 4 boxes with 125 cards each, printed front-to-back, bringing the total up to 1000 playing cards. The old game had 4 sets of cards (Turkey, Eagle, Owl/Question & Picture Cards) while the new game has 8 sets of cards. The 4 new elements to the game are One Word, Quotes, Honour & Prayer Cards which will bring a whole new dinamic to the game. We have also recorded the story of Turkeys and Eagles in audio and you can now listen to the story by simply scanning the QR Code by the start. We also have included a salvation prayer for the end the game that you can also scan with a QR Code. For more information, please visit our website or go to our Facebook Page to see pictures and hear testimonies of what people have said about the game.
    1. Category : Activity
    2. SKU : 0606110003148
    3. Barcode : 0606110003148
    4. Size : 270 x 270 mm
    1. Language : English
    2. Format : Boxed Set
    3. Publisher : Turkeys & Eagles Pty(Ltd)

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